Excalibur Cafe is a celebration of tasty, vibrant food created for you with love. Local, organic, wildcrafted where possible, bursting with flavour and energy. Food for the health conscious, for the curious, for the adventurous at heart.
It's not just our food that's good for you. We've installed a full-spectrum EMF defence system in the cafe so that you can relax in a clear environment, all our water passes through a state of the art filtration and energising system and even the cafe ceiling is coated with a special paint that neutralise pollutants in the air.
At Excalibur Cafe, we aim to give you fabulous food and create an amazing ambience that satisfies body AND soul. Click Here To Book Online

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We Hope Soon We Will Be Open and ready to take Orders,In The Mean Time Stay Tuned and hav a look at what we will be selling.