Immune Shield 236.5ml (8 fluid ounces)

Immune Shield 236.5ml (8 fluid ounces)

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The combination of silver ions and fulvic acid gives you an unprecedented form of silver to augment the human immune system. The molecules in this product provide an efficient delivery system to safely administer silver ions in large quantities (over 50 ppm) without the hazardous build up of excessive silver particles in the body’s soft tissue. This strengthened formulation delivers the optimal level of beneficial, protective qualities as an aid to peak performance.

Immune Shield delivers 71 trace minerals and micro ionic silver into body fluid, tissue, and cells to support the immune system in fending off foreign invaders.

Ionic-sized silver is smaller and more able to be assimilated than colloidal silver.

Can be taken daily as a tonic or every hour or so at the beginning of any symptoms.

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