Grounding Sheet And Mat Combo

Grounding Sheet And Mat Combo

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An earthing combination for both day and night grounding.

Mats – Support During The Day

Mats have a computer mouse friendly textured top. The small size is plain-sided for one foot or a hand on the armchair. The large mat can be used under a computer keyboard and is ideal for both feet. All mats can be rolled up to use at work or when travelling. Some people keep a large mat at home and a large or small one at work as a good health investment.

The mats help counter daily stress and enhance vitality. Earthing during the day can help keep your energy up and may reduce the mid-afternoon slump brought about at the adrenal/thyroid changeover time. Using a mat during the day can reduce the corrective work that needs doing at night as there's less to repair. This means any earthing at night can address other issues.

Use the mats two hours before bedtime to prepare for sleep. Neither mats nor sheets protect directly against EMF, but earthing helps counter many stresses including EMF.  

Sheets - Re-Creation At Night

Many different versions of earthing sleep systems have been tested and the benefits appear to be consistent with all of them, provided they are properly conductive. The larger the contact area the more rapid the results are likely to be and the more that sleep is improved.

The half-sheet represents an excellent and affordable option for most people who want to sleep grounded for the first time. The use of the half-sheet alone consistently produces good results, even for people with significant health issues.

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