Jun Elixir

Every bottle of our Jun is a treasure trove of ingredients fused together by our alchemists to create a sparkling health tonic that we believe is pure gold. Jun is traditionally brewed with green tea, raw honey and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). We add some wild-crafted, medicinal herbs and botanicals, a dash of modern superfoods, plus plenty of cutting-edge nutritional knowledge, to bring you a powerful health elixir that's full of enzymes, vitamins, and friendly gut bacteria. A further benefit of Jun is that no refined sugar is used. The brew also ferments at colder temperatures which, in our opinion, results in a superior product. The origins of Jun, or Xun, are shrouded in mysticism and mystery. It's believed by many to come from the high altitude regions of Tibet. Followers of the old Tibetan religion, the Bon, still cultivate it today and Tibet's Khampa warriors, who fought against China's occupation from the 1950s to the '70s, were said to drink it to give them strength. We pride ourselves in our quality control and standards of preparation. Your health, and the health of the planet, is always uppermost in our minds. That's why we: Ferment all our products in either ceramic or glass containers, never plastic Use wild-crafted ingredients where we can Choose organic and pesticide-free over conventional farming and growing Only use water that's been filtered and vortexed Excalibur products - created with care and full of goodness!

Ingredients Elderflower*, heather flower*, sacred lotus*, guayusa*, yerba mate*, sage*, lapsang souchong*, filtered vorticular water, raw honey*, jun cultures. *Denotes organic or wild crafted ingredients.